Enter Sandman... Again!

Enter Sandman... Again!

Neil Gaiman's Sandman Returns, Relaunching the Sandman Universe for DC

In 1989, Neil Gaiman launched the genre-bending, acclaimed comic series The Sandman. Published by DC, the series switched to DC's Vertigo imprint at issue #47 and continued to rack up 75 issues in its original run, which ended in 1996.

The Sandman centres on the Sandman himself, also known as Dream, Morpheus and many other names. Dream is one of the seven entities known as The Endless (with his siblings, Desire, Death, Delirium, Destiny, Despair and Destruction). The series is a story about stories, and masterfully wove together horror, fantasy, history and literature, becoming one of only a handful of graphic novels to make it onto the New York Times Bestsellers List (at the time, alongside Maus and The Dark Knight Returns).

August sees the return of The Sandman, in an over-sized one-shot The Sandman Universe, which will reintroduce the series to the modern audience, and show Dream's integration into the DC Universe. In the early issues of The Sandman, several prominent DC characters crossed over into the series, including John Constantine, Swamp Thing and Scarecrow. More recently, Dream appeared in Scott Snyder's epic Batman event Dark Nights: Metal.

The Sandman Universe will spin out into four separate series, including The Dreaming and House of Whispers in September, and Lucifer and Books of Magic in October.

The Sandman Universe will be on the shelves at Carsun's Bazaar Comic Shop, Wallsend, Newcastle, upon its launch. And I will be straight in to read that thing.


Long-time Sandman fan.

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