Murder Falcon #1 - What is Murder Falcon?

Murder Falcon #1 - What is Murder Falcon?


And worship at the altar of Rock Gods!
Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer, Murder Falcon, Image Comics, Skybound 2018
It was these frames that had me instantly. It has everything a cheesy 80's action film needs. Kaiju monsters, inept law enforcement, cheesy lines, metal and the flaxen mane of a Norse God. 
Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer use tried and tested tropes (I guess that's why they are tropes!) where you have the Joe Everyman character, in this case, Jake, a musician who left the band and vowed to never pick up the guitar again after smashing it a year ago. Jake has fallen into a downward spiral of depression. However, his former bandmates don't hate him for leaving and are actively trying to get him back to jam with them. His neighbour, Nate who has the music shop is wanting him to take up playing again, and the waitress of the diner, an older woman who absolutely loves his metal, is wanting to know when the next CD is coming out, she's needing something new for her shifts. As with depression, the love and support around you doesn't seem to pierce the shadowy veil around you when you're in that slump. Trust me, I know that feeling all too well, and I'm not afraid to say it.
It's not until our hero's call to action in the form of a monster attacking him in his apartment that he finally reaches for the busted up guitar. Not to rock out one last time, but to bash the head in of the beast that is threatening his life. As soon as he touches the neck of the guitar, it starts to reform and summons forth a mountain of a man, wait no, that's no man... It's part man, part robot, part Falcon.

Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer, Murder Falcon, Image Comics, Skybound 2018

Using the power of Metal, Murder Falcon fights stronger and harder. As Jake belts out chords and grinds out riffs, Murder Falcon is able to turn the tide of battle and overcome his foes. But don't worry! Murder Falcon only murders monsters.

Murder Falcon is bringing back the energy of early 90s Image back to comics with Daniel Warren Johnson at the helm. 

DWJ, Rus Wooden (Letterer) and Mike Spencer (Colourist) you may recognise as the team behind the Eisner-Nominated EXTREMITY, one of last year's best comics. The band are back together to bring you Murder Falcon which combines Metal, Kung-Fu and monsters, plus Jake who shreds up a storm to help Murder Falcon save the world!

Fans of Scott Pilgrim are going to love the quirky charm, and anyone after the electrifying action of Paul Pope's Battling Boy is going to love this comic.

Murder Falcon #1 Crashes into stores Wednesday, October 10th 2018

Where can you get this amazing comic? Why, from your favourite local comic shop, Carsun's Bazaar! That's where! Add this title to cart today!

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