Stranger Things: The Comic

Stranger Things: The Comic

Will Byers Vs The Demogorgon

This September, Netflix's smash-hit nostalgia-fest Stranger Things makes the leap from screen to page in Dark Horse Comics' Stranger Things comic series.

Revealing the untold story of Will Byers in the Upside Down, the Stranger Things comic will mirror the events of the first series, filling out the plot and events we've seen from the flip side.

Will ventures deep into the Upside Down, a chaotic world of destruction and decay, similar to our own world, where he must use all his wits and courage to outsmart the malevolent Demogorgon.

I'm excited about this one, because poor old Will didn't appear much in series 1, but he was the central point around which the plot of the series revolved. And then of course there's the Upside Down, which we get to explore with Will this time - and we've only had fragmented views of it before.

Veteran comics writer Jody Houser takes on writing duties, and with a track record including the massively popular Faith, Orphan Black and Mother Panic, Stranger Things looks to be in good hands.

Make sure you get it in your hands...

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