The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game

The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game

I LOVE this game.

That tells you all you need to know, really! But for those of you a little more curious about Mantic Games' awesome tabletop miniatures game, The Walking Dead All Out War, well, let me bend your ear a little bit!


This shows you everything in the core set of the game! Everything to get started!

Where should I start with The Walking Dead: All Out War?

The Walking Dead has a couple entry ways into it. The first is the core game - this sets you up for both solo and competitive play. You get 6 survivors, Rick Grimes and Carl Grimes among them, plus a handful of walkers to add some extra threat to your games! You get your dice, event cards to add some random elements to your game, equipment cards, loot (supply) cards and templates for cover and everything else you need, plus a game mat to play on. Everything is covered for you! You get your rules and quick start guide, too!

I'd recommend starting there. 

Or you can go with the Prelude To Woodbury which follows Brian Blake vbefore he becomes The Governor. It's a solo campaign experience with the Brian Blake model and a handful of walkers unique to this set. You get some templates and tokens, equipment and supply cards and some new event cards, worded especially for solo play. Dice are included, but there is no play mat. 

It's a good one to follow up with, I find.

Coming soon, though! Coming soon you have Here's Negan! The Board Game. It's a stand alone game that introduces you and your friends to the world of The Walking Dead by playing as Negan's Lieutenants vying for his praise. Preorder it with us and you get the character cards to use the models in All Out War, too!


A completed Top Layer of Chris' Kickstarter Edition The Walking Dead All Out War.

Okay, now I love this game too! How do I expand my game of All Out War?

Okay, now you're down with the rules and looking to go bigger! Well, the next step is up to you! Do you want to have a narrative campaign where you can follow Rick's story? Or maybe you want to make your own journey of "What-Ifs", like What if Shane was the one in the coma at the start of the outbreak? Or What if Andrea died at the Atlanta Camp and Amy survived? In that case, the Days Gone Bye expansion set is the next step. It introduces some new elements you can add to your games, new items, characters and their cards, but the biggest new part is the campaign. It lays out rules for tracking injuries between games, so if Rick loses his hand to amputation in one round, it will follow over into the next scenario, or maybe Glenn survived infection, but his next outing he will not be 100% health at the start. This introduces some cool new elements to keep your game challenging you. The expansion does require the use of Booster Packs if you want to play with recommended characters for the campaign, so that would be your next step!

Or do you prefer to just play against your friends and see who can make the toughest survivor group? Just go straight into boosters! And the Roamer Booster adds some harsher event cards into the deck along with some sweet new walker sculpts. The Shane Booster brings some awesome firepower into the game, so that's a good starting point right there. The Rick On A Horse booster is a good one, too. You get an alternate Rick character card from the core game, Rick Grimes, Police Officer, but also another Shane character card, Shane, Atlanta Camp Leader. The horse acts as armour, letting it take some damage before your character riding it does, and also increases your movement speed, perfect for grabbing the supply tokens and getting out of there fast!



I don't like the 2D scenery stuff, though! What can I do?

Looking for 3D scenery for The Walking Dead? Mantic have you covered there, too! The Scenery Booster gives you 3D plastic terrain to replace the card barricades, cars and loot tokens from the Core Set. This is great if you're playing True Line Of Sight. Allowing you to use your cover more effectively. I've went with MDF buildings from Mantic themselves, TTCombat and Black Site Studio. I replaced the card trees from Days Gone Bye with Woodland Scenics trees and based them using foamcore which I decorated with flock and bits from a TTCombat kit.


And as you can see, I like to paint my scenery, too. 


I like to bring in environmental storytelling into my scenery, too. It makes stuff look more natural and is a snapshot of a story that you put together yourself. I'm heavily inspired by the level designs of games like Fallout where you get glimpses of life pre-war. In this, you get a glimpse pre-apocalypse.

What is Wave 5 of The Walking Dead: All Out War?

Wave 5 is the upcoming release (as of writing) of Fear The Hunters. It's the first expansion to be released that isn't part of the initial Kickstarter stuff. I was one of the Kickstarter backers, so I had early access to expansions and some boosters, so seeing how Wave 5 is coming along has been great. It picks up from where Made To Suffer left off. The prison has fallen to Woodbury's attack force and the Atlanta group have split up. Rick is off with Carl - I'm looking forward to seeing how this part is brought in, if it is. It was when Rick was ill and Carl was having to go out on his own. In the comic, this was a key part of Carl growing up in the new world. From here, they meet back up with Michonne, then Glenn and Maggie find them. And for this, we're getting another Horseback booster with both Glenn and Maggie! I'm already planning my colour scheme for these horses. We also get Abraham and his group joining the story. Fear The Hunters takes us to Alexandria, which is leading very closely to a huge plot where the All Out War really starts...


Examples of the Scenery Booster painted by Chris. Couldn't help but have a Funko and a Diamond Comics Distribution box.

Fear The Hunters marks a change in how Mantic are dealing with the game, too. What you do in your bigger games can effect what happens in your set ups. You are given a map of the area which you'll update as territory moves from control of the other groups, like The Kingdom, Hilltop, Alexandria, Woodbury and The Saviors. Raiding places like Hospitals gives you a bonus for healing items, raiding Police Stations gives you a bonus for firearms in your next game - so you'll be able to tailor your raiding to how you play. Also, following feedback of players, Mantic have not given us walkers in the new booster packs. If you've been following the game, or are following it currently, you'll end up with a lot of walkers! And by this point in the story, walkers were less of a danger to the survivors, more a nuisance. Instead we're getting new Event Cards and extra abilities you can upgrade your survivors with. This can make weaker characters into game changers! 


Boost your movement with a horse! 

I love this game! I've been playing Mantic Games products for a few years now and their support for the games is great. The love for the source material of their licensed property games, like Hellboy, Mars Attacks! and The Walking Dead is clear. And the excitement from their top guy, Ronnie Renton when they announced The Walking Dead on Kickstarter was very clear to see. This love and passion shows in how the game plays. It's very smooth, fast paced and very quickly the game gets hectic with walkers entering play and attacking survivors, but that's not hectic as in the game is unruly. The rules are very clear and easy to follow. Walkers are AI controlled and on their own are easy to take on, but as the numbers amass and you are swarmed by multiple walkers, even the toughest survivor will fall. What I mean is, at table level, from the eyes of the survivors, you have your enemies shooting at you or running at you with a baseball bat, but then from the wings you have the shambling corpses coming at you fast. It makes for some awesome gaming moments you'll be talking about for a while after, like when I had Rick and Shane breaking into a military checkpoint for supplies. Shane found an assault rifle and was laying down covering fire for Rick to move up and search some more crates. Rick was keeping the Threat low using his leader ability while Shane was blasting down walkers. Rick ended up finding an assault rifle and they set up a killzone in the middle of them, keeping the walkers trapped moving back and forth between them. They ended up taking out a whole hoard of walkers due to some lucky rolling. I've never been able to get that to happen again...


The petrol station has been claimed.


Snap up a copy of The Walking Dead All Out War Core game and start playing one of the best Miniatures games around!

Order your copy of Here's Negan! today! Everything you need to play! Order before 18th November 2018 to get the All Out War character cards FREE! Here's Negan! releases 18th November 2018

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