Comic Mini-Subscriptions

Dying to get that hot new miniseries? Don't want to miss out on a single issue? A Carsun's Bazaar Comic Mini-Subscription is perfect for you. Pay for the series upfront (with a built-in discount against buying the issues individually), and relax, safe in the knowledge that we have you covered.

If you live near our store, grab each issue as it arrives. Don't live near our shop? No problem! We'll save the whole series for you, or ship several issues together throughout the run. You can get your comics quicker with combinations of purchases:

For example, a twelve-part series running at one comic per month. We will ship every 4 issues out to you at a time. Three deliveries across the year to complete the set.

Or combine mini-subscriptions to get quicker shipping.

For example, take on two, six-part series, with comics released each month. We'll ship four comics to you every 2nd month, so again, both series will be complete in three deliveries.

Or why not add a mini-series to your existing comic subscriptions?

For example, you subscribed to Action Comics (two issues per month), and Punisher (one issue per month). Add on a mini-subscription and we'll ship to you each month, when all four comics are in-hand.

Or if you buy from us regularly anyway, let's say each month you buy a Pop figure from us - that's free shipping right away - we'll carefully package any comics in hand for you and add them to the delivery.

A little common sense goes a long way, we'll always try to work out the most cost-effective combination to use so you pay less and wait less too!