Dark Horse Comics Subscriptions

The best thing to happen to Dark Horse Comics since Mike Mignola. 

So many amazing comics and so little time. Keeping up seems impossible. Until now.

Carsun's Bazaar's awesome subscription service ensures you never miss an issue of your favourite Dark Horse Comics. And that's just for starters.

Well-packaged comics delivered to your door. Free*. Or ready to collect in-store. Bagged and boarded. Free. Because we value our regular customers above all else. And it keeps getting better. Subscribers will find monthly offers not available to anyone else, including savings on comic supplies, Graphic Novels and Merch.

Favourite series gets cancelled? We'll work with you to pick a new one. Crossover story arcs? No problem. We'll spot them in advance and send you the details. So you don't miss a single thing.

Pick your favourites and set up your ultimate subscription bundle today.

* £10+ value of comics shipped together for free, standard shipping.

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