About Us

2 Brothers. 1 Van.

And a ton of comics

and Pop figures

I''m Rob and I set up Carsun's Bazaar with my brother Chris. We grew up (or arguably, didn't grow up!) with a love of comics, movies, video games, toys and games.

Tired of working for The Man, we decided to start our own company built on a foundation of all the things we loved growing up, and all the things we still love. 

That's where we started, but since the summer of 2016, we've spent our time working hard to learn about everything you love too! Turns out, you're probably not all that different to us. And that's why our customers enjoyed hanging out at our mobile geek shops at markets in North East England, and why they love hanging out at our comic shop in Wallsend today!

We're always listening to our customers as we strive to continuously develop our brand to keep prices as low as we can - so you can make the most of your geek budget!

The world is full of collectors. Your collections help you express who you are through your interests. A shelf full of Pop figures is like a shelf full of books, or sports trophies - it expresses your interests, shows your colours, without you having to verbalise it. And anyone else who's into the same stuff? Well, they'll soon tell you. And you'll soon be friends.

It's the principle that started off comic cons.

And it's the principle that started Carsun's Bazaar.

We stock an amazing range of merchandise, comics and more, to build up your collections and help you express yourself through all the cool things that make you... well, you.

From brand new comics series, to Manga masterpieces, to hard-to-find Funko Pop figures, we've carefully curated our stock to reflect your interests, your passions.

Everything we do here is designed to make life more fun, to inspire and connect you to the things you know you love... and the things you don't know you love yet!

Inside Carsun's BazaarInside Carsun's BazaarInside Carsun's BazaarComic Racks in Carsun's Bazaar