Carsun Credits

Carsun Credits Terms and Conditions - Reward Points for Comics, Funko Pops and More!

There are two ways to earn Carsun Credits rewards: In-store and online. They work differently, and independently of each other, but either way it's great value, and really simple. Let's look at both ways now.


5 Carsun Credits awarded for every £1 spent on on our site, excluding P&P, eg. Spend £25, you get 125 Carsun Credits.

Carsun Credits can be redeemed for discount voucher codes to use in future checkouts.

P&P charges do not apply when calculating the amount spent - only items of merchandise contribute to the total. No cash alternative.

Carsun Credits are not transferable between customers.

Points awarded for orders which are later cancelled, will be withdrawn.

There are many ways to accrue bonus points, including birthday points by entering your birthday in the Carsun Credits launcher (the button you'll see in the bottom left corner of your screen), some social sharing activities, and leaving reviews of your purchases each month.

Carsun's Bazaar reserves the right to withdraw Carsun Credits at any time.

Carsun Credits can be withheld from customers suspected of unfair manipulation of the reward programme.

In Store.

Pick up a free reward card in-store.

For every £10 spend in-store, you will receive a Carsun Credit sticker (e.g. you spend £21.99 in-store, you receive two Carsun Credit stickers).

When you submit 10 Carsun Credit stickers attached to reward cards, you receive a £10 store credit to redeem in a single transaction (e.g. if you spend £12 in-store and redeem your card, you will only pay £2).

We will accept 10 stickers collected over multiple cards (e.g. you forgot your card a couple of times, so you have three cards, but the stickers total 10 when you redeem them all).

If you lose your card or forget it, you can start a new card, but we do not replace lost stickers - so keep em safe!

When you redeem your card, or multiple cards, the value of the Carsun Credits do not attract additional Carsun Credits (e.g. you redeem a full card of 10 stickers against a £20 spend. We award you one sticker on your new reward card, for the £10 'cash' part of the transaction).

Completed collector cards are non-returnable and non-reusable. When you redeem them, we destroy them, they can only be used once.

No change given against the value of collector cards when redeemed, where the value of the goods is less than the value of the cards being redeemed, e.g. you redeem a £10 card against an £8.00 item, no change will be given. If you redeem a £10 card in a transaction of £10.50, and you use a completed collector card, plus £10 note to pay, you will receive £9.50 change.

Carsun's Bazaar retains the right to remove the reward of Carsun Credits against certain items, subscriptions, offers etc at any time, both in-store and online.

Only official Carsun Credits stickers and cards will be accepted. Counterfeit cards and stickers will be destroyed when submitted.

Any orders placed not conforming to the terms and conditions outlined above, or which are not considered by the directors of The Shadow Bazaar Ltd T/A Carsun's Bazaar, to be fair use, will be cancelled, with refund of the transaction less the discounted award and no goods shall be issued, and no services shall be rendered.