Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar supply science fiction, fantasy and popular culture products primarily, but not exclusively, for Collectors, Fans, and of course all the bewildered family members of such people, who are looking for a great gift.

Products, prices and promotions offered online, in print, other literature, and in the retail spaces and stalls may be different and mutually exclusive.

On the websites and from other media including, but not limited to, catalogue(s) all orders are taken as a “request to supply”. Such requests include the obligation to pay for the goods.


Placing an order

Orders are placed on the system as request reservations with card payment details held by Shopify, or, if selected, payment details processed by Paypal.

Order acknowledgements are emailed to Customers. The order acknowledgement is not a guarantee to supply, not a contract, and it is not an invoice. Customers should always check their acknowledgement to ensure that their requests have been entered correctly.


You must be 18 years or over to make web, email and/or catalogue purchases. We reserve the right to accept or reject any order for any reason at our absolute discretion.


No Sales Contract is formed until dispatch of goods.


Each contract so formed is specific to the items shipped. Other open “requests to supply” orders will generate separate, individual, and unconnected contracts on the date each is dispatched.


Pre-Orders and Back Orders


Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar carry extensive stocks, even so, many items offered through the website and in print media are “Pre-Order”, or “Back Order”.


Pre-order products are those in design, the early stages of manufacture, printing or reprinting and transit. Where possible we shall indicate anticipated release, or arrival dates, (which are always subject to change). Manufacture and shipping is inherently flexible and subject to many a pitfall. There is no guarantee that any anticipated release, arrival, or re-supply date(s) will be adhered to. Please understand that this is completely beyond the control of Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar and as soon as stock is received from the suppliers, we shall dispatch the goods in a timely manner.

Therefore it is mandatory for the Customer to accept that any particular 30, 60, 90 day or greater window of delivery dates is subject to slippage or change We shall endeavour to advise all Customers of revised availability dates, but the dissemination of information is, as always, governed by Supplier information. Additionally, such items may also have limited production runs or be restricted in other ways.

Note that all images used on the site are representational.  Please do not assume that the image shown will be an exact likeness of the final product. 

Back Order products are items which have been in stock, have sold out, and are on re-order from the Supplier or Publisher. Back Orders are placed in good faith by Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar and, in the main, are re-supplied to us within acceptable time frames. However, outside circumstances can intervene.

We shall always do our best to keep Customers appraised of any delay.  

When products do arrive they are normally shipped in geographic sequence e.g. UK, Europe, RoW, in the same sequence as orders are placed on the system, barring product limitations or other restrictions such as customer qualifiers, variations, or product quality which may create shipping barriers.  Customer demand criteria such as "ensure mint" "Triple package" etc are regarded as informal requests. They are not binding or mandatory.

All orders are placed on the system as a “request to supply”, you can reserve your items safely in the knowledge that charges to your card, are taken securely by Shopify as a 'cash with order' process.


Card Security when ordering through the website


When ordering, your card details are secure. Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar do not keep your card data. Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar use the services of payment service provider (PSP) Shopify. PSP’s are Payment Card Industry compliant security organisations that offer fully secure facilities for the holding of Customer confidential data. At final check out on the Carsun's Bazaar website, when you are requested to confirm your order request, you are seamlessly transferred to Shopify where card details are entered once.

Card Payment Process

When your order is placed and payment details taken by Shopify, Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar are notified that payment has been made and an order has been raised, thereby initiating the 'request to supply'.

If your Card order is for several items available at different times, shipping will be consolidated unless otherwise agreed between Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar, and the customer, at which point additional postage and packaging charges for each subsequent package will apply, excluding the 'additional item charge' applied to the initial order.  

Should any initial request for funds be declined, the Customer will receive a notification email.

The email will request that funds be made available, or alternate payment be advised, such as securely adding another card to Shopify.

The goods requested will be held, pending payment, for a grace period of 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of email notification.

If payment is not received within the grace period, or if the payment declines again,  the items requested will be returned to stock, and the unpaid order cancelled.


Paypal Payment Process

PayPal advertises itself as the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to securely pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

Customers should note that when paying by PayPal the money will be debited from your account by Paypal for the FULL amount of your order, at the time of your order, irrespective of when the goods may be ready to ship. (See Pre-order section)

The PayPal service therefore, although extremely secure, is similar to, and handled as a cash transfer. In other words, Paypal is a cash with order payment.    

Product Information

We make every effort to obtain accurate product information including images, specifications and prices from our suppliers. We reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing, image, description or any other inaccuracy. We also reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order request based on any incorrect price, description or availability. Such corrections may be made even after an order has been acknowledged. If the price at which you have requested goods is incorrect you will have the right to cancel.

There is normally no minimum or maximum order.  But such may be specified or qualified in a particular promotion or offering. Some restrictions, such as, but not limited to, distribution rights and availability may also override.  For instance, certain items may have a restrictions imposed such as:  "one per Customer/Address/ max 2 per household"  and/or, specific or general geographic or regional areas, e.g. "UK only", or "Not available RoI".

Please note:  Should any Customer or Customer Group place order requests that Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar deems breaches restriction rules, Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar reserves the right to discard and ignore those order requests. By the same token, product quality, qualifier or variation demands may disqualify customers from receiving items that are limited, short shipped, or do not attain their demand criteria.

“Exclusives” are also items that may have inherent restrictions.   Geographical,  Regional, Numeric, or otherwise.  Some products are badged or stickered to indicate exclusivity, others are not.

For instance: Each year at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC),  artists, manufacturers and publishers, release what are known as SDCC exclusives.  Sometimes SDCC items are stickered as “exclusive”, many times, they are not.  The exclusive stickering appears to be an arbitrary exercise in randomisation.

Many of the exclusives each year, are made available to Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar, by the Artists, manufacturers & publishers.     Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar Customers who wish to order request such, and other exclusives do so in the knowledge that, due to their random nature,  there is no guarantee or expectation that any particular exclusive supplied will be stickered. 

Ordering (General)

All major Credit/Debit cards accepted via Shopify. Access, Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc.   

Mainland UK: Shipping/ Carriage / Postage/ Courier fees for Merchandise    

Shipping fees for general merchandise to mainland UK addresses are as follows:

Per-Order Charge: £1.25

"Free postage” items are “Free postage” for UK Mainland deliveries only and apply only to specifically indicated items.

Mainland UK excludes Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland, Scilly Isles, Isle of Wight, and the Isle of Man where small delivery supplements are added:

Postcodes affected are: ZE 1,2,3. HS 1 to 9, IV 1 to 63, KW 1 to 17, BT 1 to 29, IM 1 to 9 and IM 86, 87, & 99. AB42, 43, 45,51, 52 & 56. PO 30 to 40  

For the above postcodes:

Per Order Charge: £2.50


Per Item Charge: £0.80

Customer requests for urgent delivery from stock, will only be accepted by telephone.  (07958310139)  Accepted requests will incur extra fees dependent on circumstances and service required. They will be confirmed by email. Any extra fees relevant to an “urgent” request are not refundable should the goods be cancelled or returned. “Urgent” services are subject to availability. E.g. They may be suspended without notice, especially at very busy periods such as Christmas.  


Delivery Address: We shall deliver items only to the address given on the original order. Goods will not be delivered to dropship, pickup, accomodation, PO Box, parcel motel, hotel, other anonomised addresses, or addresses which in the express opinion of Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar constitute an abuse of service.  


We use both Royal Mail & Couriers for deliveries. In all cases Postcodes and zip codes are required to track and deliver parcels. If you are unavailable to accept delivery, you will be carded by a Courier. If you do not arrange re- delivery with the Courier, and the parcel is returned to us we reserve the right to charge a reship fee.

All electronic and digital products are specific to European Territories.

Delivery Period. If items are in stock then delivery is normally effected well within 21days.  

Items for future dated delivery are normally dispatched to arrive on day of national release. Other goods such as calendars, action figures, and tee shirts are shipped out to customers as soon as we receive supplies. If any item has not yet been manufactured, is embargoed until the release date, is currently sold out, re-ordered, waiting to be shipped, or in transit to us, then delivery time periods are variable. Where possible, revisions to release date information will be posted to the web site(s). We shall also endeavour to notify individual customers of any anticipated or known delays.  


A Note on product packaging - including Funko Pop Boxes, etc:
We know how important it is that your Pops, action figures and other collectables reach you in the best possible condition. We use sturdy boxes, tissue paper (to avoid scuffs on the plastic window box) and a combination of packing materials to suit the product, including bubble wrap and packing peanuts.
And while we promise you, we always handle your goods with care (beside the fact it's common decency, our business can only thrive if our customers are happy so it's in our interests to look after your stuff!) we can't always guarantee that the postman or courier will take as much care.
If your item reaches you with scuffs, dents, creases or tears, we simply can't go through a returns or replacement process - it would be too expensive for both parties involved. Unless indicated in the product description, or in contact from us after your order (eg. a defect is noticed as we package it up for you and we drop you an email to see if you still want it), the item will have left us in top condition, having been handled, packaged and handed to the delivery service with care (remember, this is what we do, with hundreds of satisfied customers direct, and via Amazon and Ebay, we've got it down to a fine art).
However, if your item has been completely destroyed or has been lost by the postal service, we will refund you and make a claim against the postal service. Simply email us your name and the order number at info@carsunsbazaar.com within 30 days of the purchase date to initiate the process.

Pre-Dispatch cancellation requests for individual stock lines can be accepted by email or cancelled via your account. Such cancellations do not become effective until you receive a return confirmation email of cancellation from Customer Service which will be sent to the email address from which the cancellation request was issued.   Please note that if the item is already within the delivery process, e.g. goods are being picked and shipped from the stockroom, then cancellation cannot be effected and returns procedure must be used after the goods have arrived. Note: we will do our very best to stop the cancelled order from being shipped, for convenience.

If there is a problem with any of the items that you have received please contact us immediately via email if possible, time is of the essence as we only have a very narrow window in which to effect returns or make claims.

Goods should be ready to dispatch within 3 working days of receipt of order providing goods are in stock and available. Dispatch dates may vary depending on stock availability and public holidays. All deliveries will not require a signature unless specified at point of order. Please note delivery dates cannot always be guaranteed and maybe subject to circumstances out of the Carsuns Bazaar/The Shadow Bazaar control. The Shadow Bazaar Ltd or Carsun's Bazaar does not accept claims for loss due to late delivery.

The Shadow Bazaar Ltd or Carsun's Bazaar accept no liability for goods misrouted due to customer error. The Shadow Bazaar Ltd or Carsun's Bazaar accept no liability for goods misrouted due to carrier error, and customers are advised to seek compensation from the carrier (in which case Carsun's Bazaar will assist with evidence of dispatch/proof of posting). Where goods are misrouted or lost due to Carsun's Bazaar/The Shadow Bazaar Ltd's error, then replacement goods will be supplied at no additional cost to the customer, or in the event that the item(s) can no longer be supplied, a full refund given.

Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 you have the right to cancel or return within fourteen calendar days of the goods being delivered. Under the Regulations the Customer is responsible for all carriage return costs. The cancellation period will expire 14 calendar days after date of delivery.

Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 there is a 30 day right to reject the goods if they do not conform to contract. The burden of proof is on the Customer to show that the goods fail to conform.

Date of delivery is defined within these Terms & Conditions as two working days after date of dispatch.. All online Customers are emailed with date of dispatch information.  

The time periods mandated by the Acts are mutually exclusive and concurrent NOT consecutive.

You must inform us of your decision to cancel or return by clear statement before the mandated period expires: In all cases of a projected return you must notify us by email. Email info@carsunsbazaar.com with “return” and your order number in the subject line and a clear reason for the return request within the email body. We will respond to the request within 2 business days. After reviewing the return request, and upon finding the return request agreeable, we shall give you return instructions. Once received, we will inspect the returned goods. In the event that the goods were defective, we shall refund you for reasonable return postage expenses, the item cost and the initial shipping charge. All items must be returned within the 14 calendar days after date of delivery.  Note, all returns are subject to the following:

All items must be returned in original packaging with all seals intact and in re-saleable condition. The Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 state that “If the value of the goods is diminished by any amount as the result of handling of the goods by the consumer beyond what is necessary to establish the nature characteristics and functioning of the goods, the trader may recover that amount from the consumer, up to the contract price” “Handling” in this context is specified in the regulations as …”that might reasonably be allowed in a shop”

Sealed packaged goods will not be accepted if the packaging has been opened and the contents exposed e.g. CDs, DVDs & PC / console games, 'blind bagged' or 'blind boxed/mystery box' type items etc..  

Limitation of liability: Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar shall only be liable to refund (where applicable) up to the amount paid (if any) by the Customer for the goods returned along with outbound postage (if any). Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar are not liable for any other losses or compensation.  Please note that requests for reimbursement or replacement for packaging will not be accepted.  Replacement goods may be re-shipped in original packaging.   Re-imbursement will be made by the same means as payment was effected. All re-imbursements are in £ sterling.

Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar reserve the right of deduction under the Regulations for any diminution of value as a result of Customer handling, use, health protection or hygiene.

We may withold re-imbursement until after the returned goods have been received, or positive proof of dispatch is supplied.. Re-imbursement is normally made within 14 days of receiving the returned goods.    


Other Data

Order amends / changes / extra items. We normally process order requests in the same sequence as we receive them. Order amendments, changes and requests for extra items therefore have to be processed as new order requests. .  

Queries. Please allow a period of 14 days after receiving your order acknowledgement to check on the status of your order. Query by email, please have your order number to hand along with your full name & address.

All prices are in £sterling and include VAT where applicable.

Ownership and title in the goods does not pass to the Customer until full, cleared payment has been received, and goods have been delivered.

Please note that Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar take their responsibilities for and to our Customers seriously.  Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar is a Retailer offering individual purchasers interesting items of Popular Culture.   Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar is NOT, and will not,  be party to any orders or requests that utilise any of the following types or methods of business, including but not limited to, third party supply, marketplace, drop ship, forwarding, consolidation, reship, multiple order aggregation, whether to single or multiple addresses, or any other similar type of operation. Accordingly, ALL orders that in the express opinion of Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar constitute such an abuse of Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar services will be summarily rejected and cancelled without redress. Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar also reserves the right to impose further sanctions if required. 


Overseas Customers –

For avoidance of doubt: The same contractual stipulations apply to Overseas Order requests as to the UK. No Sales Contract is formed until dispatch of goods. Each contract so formed is specific to the items shipped. Other open “request to supply” orders will generate separate, individual, and unconnected contracts on the date each is dispatched. 

We accept orders (requests to supply) from outside the UK by Credit Card (via Shopify) or Paypal only. Shipments to addresses outside the UK are sent, when goods are ready, shipping paid, as full shipments. Overseas orders will ONLY be delivered to the Cardholder residential address or confirmed Paypal residential address.

Please note that Channel   Islesare now designated as Overseas

Overseas Postage

Couriers surcharge what they consider to be "remote locations".  Therefore there may be occasions, when, even though the postage has been paid, Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar may have to request an extra ship fee.

Please note that all such requests will be at strict cost.

Overseas Card Orders:

We shall debit your card via Shopify at the time of the order. The Sales Contract created on dispatch of goods therefore includes your specific authority to ship. Any return request or subsequent cancellation will exclude the cost of shipping.

Overseas Paypal orders

For low value shipping costs we shall make a Paypal request for funds. With higher ship fees we shall notify you of the shipping cost prior to shipment with a request for payment through your Paypal account.. The Sales Contract created on dispatch of goods therefore includes your specific authority to ship. Any return request or subsequent cancellation will exclude the cost of shipping.

Please note that International Shipments are subject to Customs Inspection, clearance and possible allocation of excise duties. Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar cannot be held responsible for any delays or fees imposed.  

Intellectual Property & copyrights

All content of the website(s), Catalogue(s), brochures, newsletters, blogs or any other promotions or advertisements is the property of Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar. All content is protected by Intellectual Property laws and copyright.

All trademarks appearing on the website(s), in the Catalogue(s), on brochures, newsletters or any other promotions or advertisements are the property of their respective owners.  

The website may contain hyperlinks. These are provided as a customer service. Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar are not responsible or liable for any involvement or transactions with such sites.    

Use of any of our services indicates your full acceptance of these Term & Conditions Carsun's Bazaar and The Shadow Bazaar reserve the right to change, add or remove or modify these Terms & Conditions at any time. These Terms & Conditions are paramount they supersede any and all terms that the customer may seek to request or impose

Please check the T&C periodically.


Last updated 18th October 2017