Complete Peanuts 07 1963-1964

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COMPLETE PEANUTS HC 07 1963-1964 COMPLETE PEANUTS HC 07 1963-1964 (NEW PTG) (C: 1-0-0)

In this volume of the bestselling Complete Peanuts series, Charles Schulz introduces one (in fact, three) of the quirkiest characters to the Peanuts universe, the numerically-monikered 95472 siblings. They didn't stay around very long but offered some choice bits of satirical nonsense while they did. As it happens, this volume is particularly rich in never-before-reprinted strips: over 150 (more than one fifth of the book!) have never seen the light of day since their original appearance over 40 years ago, so this will be a trove of undiscovered treasures even for avid Peanuts collectors. Introduced by Bill Melendez, animator of all the Peanuts TV specials starting all the way back with A Charlie Brown Christmas!