Complete Peanuts 09 1967-1968

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COMPLETE PEANUTS HC 09 1967-1968 COMPLETE PEANUTS HC 09 1967-1968 (CURR PTG) (C: 1-0-0)

Snoopy looms large, so this volume (a particularly Snoopy-heavy one) sees him arm-wrestling Lucy as the 'Masked Marvel' and then taking off for Petaluma for the national arm-wrestling championship; impersonating a vulture and a 'Cheshire Beagle'; enjoying golf and hockey; attempting a jaunt to France for an ice-skating championship; running for office on the 'Paw' ticket; being traded to Peppermint Patty's baseball team, then un-traded and installed as team manager by a guilt-ridden Charlie Brown; as well as dealing with the return of his original owner, Lila. If you're surprised by that last one, imagine how Charlie Brown feels...